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Vibrant Biz

You are a daring, gutsy woman. But, you feel stuck in an unfulfilling career where it is no longer possible to use your unique talents in fullest expression. You dream of providing valuable service to the world, making a recognizable difference, while earning a reliable and unlimited stream of income through your brilliance. Yes. This is possible. I call it Purposeful Livelihood ~ The ability to earn a healthy compensation by facing and overcoming limiting beliefs while encouraging others to do the same. This is the best way to become an entrepreneur:

  • In partnership (like-minded souls, collaboration, inspiring action).
  • Serving and engaging authentically (listening, facilitating, offering).
  • Bona-fide leadership (because you decided it is time).
  • Self-worth (knowing your value and declaring money a good thing).
  • Balance and success (your energy, your definitions).
  • Creativity (ever-changing, ever-growing, how you like it).

We get to be partners in this Vibrant Biz! You are not alone. My team receives proven step-by-step strategies, resources, and membership in a renowned and glorious community of wellness entrepreneurs. I will personally mentor you. Closely, for your first 8 weeks and whenever sought thereafter. Together, we collectively create the lifestyle and business you’ve dreamed of owning. I turn brand new wellness entrepreneurs into kick-ass, rockstar business owners. I am different from other leaders in the direct selling industry ~ bringing executive coaching and corporate leadership development expertise into the world of wellness. It’s a great match! And you get to thrive personally, up-level your business acumen, growing your venture and your income as a member of our team

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Who are we?

Just like you ~ we are moms, attorneys, acupuncturists, managers, nurse practitioners, human resource reps, body workers, scientists, cancer survivors, medical sales professionals, business coaches, personal trainers… and so much more.

What do we do, exactly?

We get excited about living a healthy life. Vibrant Biz entrepreneurs partner with a world-class wellness company who continually set the industry high-bar for excellence. We both offer the products we love to people who need and want them, and we build teams of our own who share a passion for wellness and entrepreneurship. Love health? Turned on by business? This is, hands down, the best way to turn your passion into profit. And with some amazing colleagues, to boot.