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INCANDESCENCE :: Your full-spectrum love intervention

Go from sluggish to unstoppable in 21 days flat.

Revive your confidence, charisma and sovereignty.

You’re done with dabbling. There is a luminous, sexy, thrilled-to-the-gills you who is ready to emerge and the time is right now.

This is the whole package. Bring on the daily doses, best-for-your-body rocket-fuel, change-making definitions-actions-intentions. Get on the phone, tell me about it and then make it happen. Ritualized beauty. Body love. From now on.

You. Divinely-infused. Alive. Purposeful. Resplendent. Incandescent.


  • Two 50-minute Luminous Life sessions with Maddy
  • Customized nutrition plan
  • Sumptuous personalized skincare
  • Twice daily beauty rituals
  • Morning messages from Maddy
  • Membership in private Glowing community

(Products I have loved since 2006. All made in an impeccable environment which I have personally toured – with only the highest quality ingredients. Deeply nourishing with no added parabens or preservatives.)