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“When I met Maddy, I thought she had the most beautiful skin and I wanted what she had! I had always had some kind of a skin care regimen since I was a young girl, but was looking for the “right product” that would make my skin glow…like Maddy’s. I started following her recommendations and immediately, people started noticing a difference, telling me how good I looked. I then added Maddy’s recommended supplements, bars and meal replacement products as well as toothpaste, shampoo and body soap and lotion. I can honestly say, there isn’t a product that I haven’t loved! And, I’m still getting lots of comments on how I look, in fact, the most common one is, “Mandy, you’ve never looked better!” I give all the credit to my self-care habits and use of these products.

Maddy is passionate about helping people feel more beautiful, inside and out and I so appreciate her help, guidance and products in doing so!“

~ Mandy Schumaker, Higher Performing People


“Maddy has an ability to connect with a group of people, large or small. She tunes into the needs of the group and can guide the group to understand how easy and fun it can be to make changes toward a healthier lifestyle. She is funny and gentle in her teaching, making health accessible to so many more. It is a pure pleasure to work with Maddy.“

~ Kate Lindsay, Inner Hum


“Maddy is as vibrant as her company name – Inspiring, fun, and with ultimate integrity. She is the real deal. In all of our business dealings, I’ve found her to be authentic, warm, knowledgeable, and willing to go above and beyond. She’s so full of wisdom and sparkle that it’s a joy simply to spend time with her, let alone benefit from her products and services.”

~ Carolyn Scarborough, Backyard Pearls


“Maddy has a gift for bringing people together to share amazing experiences. I have enjoyed several in-person events, as well as support with nutrition and health information.”

~ Bella Guzman, Austin, TX


“Maddy has an exquisite way of helping women harness their own beauty and power. She shares herself openly and generously and is part of the new force of powerful women making their way to the front gates of achievement and personal blossoming.”

~ Heidi Schlenk, Austin, TX


“Maddy is more than a product rep for superior nutritionals – she is an amazing coach, deeply knowledgeable about wellness and good living. She is a strong advocate for clients and is always available for the smallest of questions. Maddy is a wealth of knowledge and a saving grace to my personal health and well-being.”

~ Tonja Eaton, Austin, TX


“I turned to Maddy for nutritional consulting and have been thoroughly pleased with her personalized care for my well-being. Several times my questions required research and Maddy was absolutely driven to supply me with the information I needed to make personal nutrition choices. I love the products Maddy represents and LOVE her personal attention.”

~ Marianne MacKenzie, Austin, TX

Susan Tate-Hi-Res-

“Maddy is truly a Vibrant One. Her brilliance shines through her words, her heart, her actions, and her life. Maddy’s leadership skills have the capacity to draw people up to their highest potential. Her passion and integrity guide her while supporting the best vision for others. I highly recommend all of her professional offerings.”

~ Susan Tate, Seattle, WA


“I got to know Maddy via Vibrant Biz. She introduced me to her products and I became a customer. I have since joined her team. Maddy is a compassionate leader. She is quick to assist yet not push, calmly pointing out strengths and weaknesses, and assisting in highlighting the former while helping to diminish the latter.”

~ Darline Turner, Mamas on Bedrest

Crave Spa

“Maddy is a speaker and coach unlike any other. She brings together an incredibly delightful mix of business, pleasure, love, and wisdom. If you have a chance to be coached or mentored by Maddy, or to participate in a workshop or event with her, say yes!”

~ Sarah Brixey, Toronto, ON


“Maddy’s programs inspired me to live more authentically, mindfully and peacefully.”

~ Jenelle Timmins-Persley, Brooklyn, NY

“My life has more ‘harmony’ and I am more self-conscious about my needs, family and priorities. I schedule time for myself, to go out with my husband and my friends like if they were appointments with the doctor. The help you gave me was critical to make the necessary changes in my life.”

~ Karina Henriquez, Austin, TX

“Every time I read one of your emails I feel my heart open and I’m inspired by the beauty of your words.”

~ Natalie Hardage, Austin, TX

“This blog is exactly what I needed to read tonight. Thank you for sharing your experience as it helps us as followers better understand ourselves.”

~ Ruth Dodge Corbell, Cape Elizabeth, ME

“Your post hit home for me today, thank you! I felt such a sense of peace reading this!”

~ Danielle Molella, Millbrook, NY

“Maddy – you are magnificent – I LOVE reading everything you write, you are an inspiration for me!”

~ Elaine Christine, Austin, TX

“I have had the pleasure of working with Maddy through her product line. I am always impressed by Maddy’s level of dedication to personal growth and health. Not only has she provided me with quality nutritional support, she has also provided guidance and inspiration through her blog posting. I know that with Maddy I never have to worry about being pushed a product or a service. She is there to provide advice and information for whatever my needs are. She is open, compassionate, ambitious, and honest.

Let me elaborate on the word ambitious as it tends to have negative connotations. I know that Maddy is building a business and her wealth. She does this through a conscientious, service oriented practice. She is ambitious in the sense that she wants to share her knowledge and grow her family which is her business. I see her as an inspiration for a young woman who wants to grow independently wealthy. She is a honor to know.”

~ Denva Jackson, Boston MA