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Hi, I’m Maddy.

certified wellness coach

I’m an outspoken advocate for women living full-spectrum lives … for women who have shimmering eyes, skin, hair and fulfilling careers, intimate romantic relationships and close-knit bonds with family and friends.

I’m a wellness + beauty coach for women who believe that conscious, mindful eating, self-care rituals and cultivating their essential feminine sensuality profoundly impacts the harmony of their loved ones, their communities and the world.

My programs, services and products teach women of all ages how to care for themselves inside and out.

Because living a turned-on life is non-negotiable.

My Story

Maddy_Vertenten_Pictures_0803140001When I was a senior in high school, my class took an end-of-year trip to Boston on a crystal clear, sparkling sunny day. I remember sitting across from a girlfriend and suddenly exclaiming, “Everyone is beautiful!”  It was a moment of recognizing my own vitality and luster, and knowing that this beauty is available and present in every person alive – no matter their age, size, cheekbone structure or sense of fashion. I felt it, as a deep truth. A resonance.

Years later, this moment of recognition came back to me as I watched my two-year-old daughter dance joyfully, unabashedly in front of me. I also recognized that the beauty I was witnessing in her, was something that had grown dull in me. I felt sad. My heart ached as I considered the possibility that she could end up feeling less-than-beautiful one day too. I then resolved to bring myself back to full-spectrum life. To return to that resonant, sparkling beauty I remembered feeling coursing through my veins – so that my daughter might grow up with a living example in her mother, of a woman who feels and is vibrantly healthy, sensuous, and authentically beautiful.To do this, I cultivated relationships with people who were capable of more deeply connecting. I grew more curious about food, nutrition, and our environment. I created self care practices to attend to my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs and desires. I read. I traveled to meet wonderful teachers. I danced. I created. I connected. And everything in my life began to shift perceptibly as a result.

Women noticed. Some friends left my side, uncomfortable. New friends arrived. Other moms began to ask what I was doing differently. Work colleagues asked for guidance. It became vitally important for me to share what I’d been learning and experiencing. I have since made a commitment to serving women who yearn to feel this glowing, vibrant, wide awake, alive, healthy, and beautiful. Because everyone. Everyone, is beautiful.

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Some things you should know about me:

  • I spent many of my formative years gigging as a professional (classical and rock) violinist.
  • In the mid-90′s I worked in the Atlanta music scene, supporting local and nationally known artists including Indigo Girls and Matthew Sweet. That means I scored some amazing backstage passes in those days, making going to concerts now a little less fun.
  • I discovered my affinity for business (a different creative passion) after being recruited to attend Purdue University’s MBA Program in 1998.
  • I worked with a broad spectrum of executive personalities as a Leadership Development Specialist for Dell Computers between 2000-2005. And was able to maintain peace and cooperation.
  • In 2006 I fell in love with entrepreneurship and marketing, and my coaching took an exciting new turn.
  • I have adored facilitating women’s circles of all kinds since around 2003.
  • I received the Team Northrup Vision Award from Dr. Christiane Northrup in 2011. A great honor!
  • I’ve been fascinated with histories related to the Divine Feminine, and studied with several influential teachers over the years. Today all aspects of my Life are imbued with the related practices and rituals honoring what is sacred in me.
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