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Vulnerable is not Broken

I was at a retreat learning how to facilitate women’s circles. The woman running the program said to me, “Your greatest strength is your willingness to be vulnerable.” I didn’t really get it and I certainly couldn’t appreciate her words. I don’t have a choice. As a child among my family, the emotions on my… Continue Reading

I heart me

I found these cute little buttons on my trip to Maine a couple weeks ago. Love the double entendre. ME is the abbreviation for the state of Maine, if you know me at all – you know that I heart Maine. ‘I love myself’ is quite possibly the healthiest attitude when put into practice and… Continue Reading

Whaddya mean, choose a better feeling thought?!?!

Last night I was up late, pouring my heart & soul into a post on a private community forum when POOF it was gone from my screen and replaced by a cheery message that network updates were being performed and I could happily come back later. WTF?!?!?!?! It’s moments like this when I become more aware of my inner Pele (Hawaiian Goddess of the volcano, creator and destroyer). A seemingly small disruption and VOOM. Unfortunately for innocent bystanders, this can happen somewhat regularly ~ and since I’m a woman who loves her husband, kids & dog, and prefers to keep them around, I’ve had to find some tools to deal with it. Continue Reading

Co-creating community with Dr. Deb Kern

VIBRANT ONE interviews Dr. Deborah Kern, the health scientist who dares people to live in harmony with the wisdom of their bodies. ‘Dr. Deb’ is an author and internationally acclaimed speaker on mind/body/spirit health. She also teaches the popular WiLD Dance Workout, and will be speaking at the upcoming ‘Dare to Be Well’ event in Austin. Continue Reading

Healthy & Cute

On a phone call with girlfriends last night we were sharing our desires for the future. One woman stated that it is her intention to be “healthy and cute” ~ which received peals of laughter and mutual understanding from the rest of us.

What a refreshing way to view wellness! I am always promoting health with moms, participants in womens circles, extended family, and others. Sometimes it feels like such a serious affair. But I also know that I cannot improve my health through studious and rigorous attention alone. If I want to really thrive, I’ve got to be having fun! If I want to have fun, I personally… want to feel CUTE. Continue Reading