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Late Blooming & Body Love (choosing transformation)

My life is pretty much an open book, but sometimes the personal information which I feel comfortable disclosing makes others a little squeamish. Sometimes (not often) this gives me pause. I’ve gone back and forth with myself over whether or not to write about my most important personal transformation of 2015. Ultimately (and obviously, cuz… Continue Reading

I heart me

I found these cute little buttons on my trip to Maine a couple weeks ago. Love the double entendre. ME is the abbreviation for the state of Maine, if you know me at all – you know that I heart Maine. ‘I love myself’ is quite possibly the healthiest attitude when put into practice and… Continue Reading

Twelve Days of Eating

I am lolling about in the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. The scene: kids and Joe are in the house. It is rather messy. None of us have bathed for a couple days (since visitors left) and we’re wearing odd assortments of dirty PJ’s and walking clothes. Yes, that’s right – I DID actually leave the house this morning for a brisk walk with Joe. My body couldn’t take it any longer… ‘Get… UP…. Get… OUT… M.O.V.E. your BODY…. NOW!’ You see… during the holidays I typically gorge myself on an assortment of traditional German breads & cookies I learned to bake from my mother and have been enjoying for, well, 41 Christmasses now. To me the taste of almonds, butter, sugar and candied fruit is part of the holiday I savor most.

Now I’m sure NOBODY else can relate, right??? Before we commiserate, however, I invite you to cut yourself some slack. Whether you enjoy food during the Holidays because of family tradition, emotional eating, stuffing feelings, or even general merriment, it’s OK! I am no expert on eating disorders or any disorder for that matter. But I AM an expert in my own self-criticism and general loathing related to food, eating, and body image. I’ve loathed myself so well for so many different reasons… and I’m over it finally. I’m practicing self-approval now, and I would enjoy your company along this new trajectory.

The last of the fruit stollen was consumed this morning (after the walk)… and it was scrumptious! There are still tupperware bins full of chocolate, spritz, lebkuchen, and spekalatius ~ a huge plate of these are accompanying us to our friend’s ‘Not-Yet-New-Year’s-Eve’ party tonight. That leaves chocolate coins which I don’t really love anyway, and the tiny Toblerone which Santa forgot I prefer milk chocolate to the dark chocolate variety… so I think things are looking up for my slow-moving, somewhat rounder, and did I say ADORABLE body. Continue Reading

Co-creating community with Dr. Deb Kern

VIBRANT ONE interviews Dr. Deborah Kern, the health scientist who dares people to live in harmony with the wisdom of their bodies. ‘Dr. Deb’ is an author and internationally acclaimed speaker on mind/body/spirit health. She also teaches the popular WiLD Dance Workout, and will be speaking at the upcoming ‘Dare to Be Well’ event in Austin. Continue Reading