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Nothing to do but let go

When I arrived at Kripalu on Thursday afternoon I swear I heard a voice inside my head whisper, “Nowhere to go and nothing to do.”  ThenI went to gentle yoga in the summer tent and the beautiful, soft-spoken, voluptuous instructor said, “Nothing to do but let go.” I heard it again in the noon dance… Continue Reading

Whose schedule are you on?

“I’m behind.” I wrote to my friend. “Behind what?” she prompted, (Whose schedule are you on?) I paused, and replied, “Today I gardened in the rain. I hung art in my barn. I welcomed my son home. I saw my first husband for the first time in years and and enjoyed conversation and felt good… Continue Reading

Redefining Old Age

I’m just home from a whirlwind trip to Washington, D.C. with my family. I am feeling patriotic, enamored of our founding fathers, and despite the tragic events of the week in Boston and West, TX – full of faith in humanity. It has taken me twenty years to get to the Holocaust Museum, where I… Continue Reading

Are you perfect? Or are you healthy?

Last week a neighbor told my husband that her family ‘could never be as healthy as yours.’ He was picking up our daughter in their busy three-kid house and she was a little embarrassed to be caught making what she thought was an unhealthy dinner. I guess she had the idea that our family never… Continue Reading