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Crying on my way to work

Circa mid-2004, my life looked perfect. I had: a healthy 6-year-old boy and 9-month-old girl a happy marriage a nice house with a two-car garage a dual income household a cushy part-time role I created for myself at a respected company a great boss and co-workers an influential career working with appreciative colleagues So what… Continue Reading

You can start a movement today (yes, I mean YOU).

This week I feel like I earned my rent in the Universe. I did some good alongside two school educators, another mom, a dozen or so other parents, teachers, teenagers and advocates for healthy relationships in and around our community. We shared a documentary called Finding Kind about so-called ‘girl-world’ – addressing meanness and promoting… Continue Reading

Getting to Love (with your Money)

 One of the most rewarding (and I choose that word intentionally) aspects of owning a business, is the up close and personal opportunity one has to examine the relationship with money. My money and I have been in one form of therapy or another for many years, which has meant books, workshops, journaling, groups focussed… Continue Reading

woods, wind, sun, God & Shakespeare

 My daughter and I are just home from an exhilarating stroll through the woods, visiting faerie dwellings, hidden toads, rushing winds, sun glinting off cool waters, fields of goldenrod and queen Anne’s lace. This is my church. Where all that is Holy speaks to my soul through the elements and gushing up from within. I have… Continue Reading