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Vulnerable is not Broken

I was at a retreat learning how to facilitate women’s circles. The woman running the program said to me, “Your greatest strength is your willingness to be vulnerable.” I didn’t really get it and I certainly couldn’t appreciate her words. I don’t have a choice. As a child among my family, the emotions on my… Continue Reading



I don’t call myself a musician anymore. You know, I actually don’t really like calling myself anything at all. I find, it’s too limiting. Giving myself a title makes things easier for other people. They like to know what box I belong in. I’m a blogger. A seller. A coach. A mom. An entrepreneur. A… Continue Reading

Double-booked and dropping balls everywhere

She sat in the coffee shop, in a new town – a place she’d never been before, waiting. I didn’t show. I had responded enthusiastically to her request for help, for sisterhood. Because I’m familiar with what she’s going through, from my own life experience. And it’s important to me to be a woman who… Continue Reading

Go pee before you read this!

Seriously. Check in with your bladder. How long have you been holding it? …pretending not to notice that you’re crossing your legs so you don’t have to walk all the way down the hall to the bathroom just to get that last paragraph written, send the important email before you forget, make a quick phone… Continue Reading