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What happens in the mirror does not stay in the mirror.

What happens in the mirror does not stay in the mirror.

X1S1na5p3CXfjNRqw1XI7eey9Ny5r4HBxfOmpvs9xa0I have learned to dance in the mirror. This morning as I began to move, I saw my mass of messy morning curls, and I wanted to see them in motion. I swung my hips from side to side and smiled at the bounce and swing of my head and hair mimicking my motherly movement. I dropped my neck and allowed the undulation to take me over… all the way from the wild unleashed feminine curls through the soles of my bare calloused cave-woman feet. I remembered.

I used to agonize over this unruly head of mine. I tamped it down, knew just where the clips and barrettes and tiny elastics needed to be placed to avoid the embarrassment of what I was certain, every eye on my crazy curls. I found the right products to dampen the halo effect of ever expanding frizz. I researched and discovered the best haircutters.

Over time, I learned to stop longing for the pageboy cropped styles I had clipped from magazines, and began to embrace the signature look I was born with. As I grow older, wiser, more sure of my irreverent nature, I accept compliments with grace and pleasure.

My curls are my teacher. I have learned to be me. I am becoming more unabashed in my desire to live and work and relate, every day, as my honest self.

The latest part of this lesson is coming soon in the form of a brand new website! Vibrant One has been my testing ground for outward expression for more than five years now. I have loved it and learned so much! And now it’s time for the next. What’s next, is TA-DAAA!!

On MaddyV you’ll see more of me in golden glittery curly irreverent unabashed glee! I will write and share and welcome you to join me in discovering your own true light, your singular expression of beauty. We will swing our hips and dance in mirrors together.

Oh what fun the summer brings! See you there soon!


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  1. I always wanted those curls! My hair is straight as a stick, but like you, I have learned to appreciate it and accept its limitations.

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