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Transformation turns me on (and what about your mom?)


It’s a powerful statement, “I’m going to transform my relationship with money.” I made it on New Years – the Eve of 2010. The next day I received a phone call from a friend with an invitation that would lead me deeper into understanding my patterns and beliefs that had shaped my financial picture all my lifetime. Because of her invitation and the stream of open doors and experiences that followed through 2010, my relationship with money had indeed begun to transform, improved drastically in fact. I started to feel so empowered around my financial future that we made a momentous decision (my husband and I), that within the next 20 months we would pack it all up and move to Maine. This idea that seemed crazy to some was put into play, and within four weeks of today the van will be packed and we’ll be headed north!

That’s the power of intention to transform. Audacious. Scary as hell. In your face. Personal Growth. Opportunity. Delightful surprises. Dreams coming true.

What’s been wanting to transform in your Life? Is it finding a relationship? Creating excellent health? Becoming a more powerful presence? Enhancing – or ejecting – your career? Improving your sex life? Navigating your spiritual purpose?

What I know for certain is that transformation requires dedicated attention, consistent intention, a willingness to be honest about current circumstances while gently loving ones’ self onward, and daily practice. I find few things more wonderful than being present to the transformation of another – it’s an incredible turn-on to watch someone’s light grow brighter! So it’s no wonder I’ve been busily creating new programs to help guide and facilitate the transformation of women through THREE programs that we’re launching today.

Introducing… the re-launched VIBRANT LIFE MASTER CLASS, my return to one-on-one COACHING, and the brand-spankin’ new VIBRANT BIZ. Whether you want to shift your connection with your mate, your money, your body – there’s a program here that fits the bill. (Click the links to see my smiling face tell you all about it!)

SO – What didja get for mom this Mother’s Day? Or…. Mom, what are you doing for yourself this year? Because I am a mom and I know so many of us put ourselves last I really want to get the word out to moms about these programs. I’m just so excited about this great material and the opportunity contained therein to transform lives! So I’m going to gift THREE Vibrant Life Master Class programs to women who help me spread the word.

Simply tweet:
RT @MaddyV1 Moms who come 1st Transform the World! #VibrantLifeMasterClass

I’ll randomly select three lucky winners on Sunday, Mama’s Day, and notify you on Twitter. Any woman can use this for herself or gift to a mom of her choice – it’s up to you. Let the transformation begin! Wheeee!!!

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