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Getting to Love (with your Money)


photo-25 One of the most rewarding (and I choose that word intentionally) aspects of owning a business, is the up close and personal opportunity one has to examine the relationship with money. My money and I have been in one form of therapy or another for many years, which has meant books, workshops, journaling, groups focussed on money, you name it. When my friend Kate Northrup’s book, Money: A Love Story was to be released earlier this month I was disheartened to hear myself say internally, “Oh, I’ve already done that work.’ which is, in my book, total loser-thinking. (Any kind of ‘I’ve already done’ or ‘I already know’ sentiment is a red flag!) I knew it was yet another face of resistance, which reminded me that our work is never truly finished. The sheer volume of the voice in my head let me know, dammit, I really have further to go in examining this relationship between money and me.

I began immediately, with a purposeful blank slate, beginner’s mind if you will, to read Kate’s book with slow deliberate intention, money journal by my side. I heard myself tell the same old stories, so I dug in deeper. As of this morning I am halfway through the book, and I’ve already made some powerful discoveries. For instance, one of my primary limiting beliefs is that I’m being punished for making ‘bad’ financial decisions. When I really look closely I am actually not being punished at all (my life is chock-full of abundance when I choose to see it!). And I was interested to realize that the people I have always held as financial authorities, are not really people I wish to emulate, financially. So I’ve reframed this as: I’ve made ‘different’ financial choices (not bad ones), and I see how they’ve served me quite well. Unlike many people, I have always admired wealthy people (rather than see them as evil or greedy). However I’ve had a deep-seated notion that I don’t belong among them, another amazing discovery! Probably this comes from years gawking at the wealthy (their boats, homes and gardens on the coast of Maine) from the proverbial ‘other side of the fence.’ So, while I am quite good at imagining a luxurious and beautiful lifestyle, there’s a part of me that’s only flipping through the pages of a magazine, rather than residing in that home, meeting fascinating people and having experiences I’ve always believed come with the territory.

I am feeling quite grateful to Kate for telling her #money love story in these pages and sharing exercises and practices for gaining clarity around our own. Because Kate and I are colleagues in business, I’ve watched from the sidelines as the story she shares unfolded in her life. Hearing her tell it now, with incisive perspective and genuine compassion for her readers going through similar circumstances, is a watershed moment of sorts. Because this book is serving a wonderful purpose for so many, including me, I of course want to share it with everyone! Especially all who visit the pages of Vibrant One and seek a Healthy & Beautiful Life – where money play an integral role.

DO read this book, and come meet Kate if you haven’t yet! On Monday September 23rd at 8pm Eastern time, Kate is the guest of honor on our monthly Team Northrup call, hosted by Kate’s mom Dr. Christiane Northrup and her aunt Penny Kirk. Let me know you’ll be joining us Monday evening (or if you prefer access to a recording). And if you’ve already begun working with this book, please share something you’ve discovered about your relationship in the comments below (or what you hope to discover when you begin).

Here’s to you and your money!

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