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Mental attitude, spiritual poise, and embodied well-being

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What if your one New Year’s Resolution for 2014 is to love yourself more?

Have you been watching this question pop up repeatedly over the last several days? I hear it because it is what I desire and need most of all right now. At age 45, I’ve come to realize that for where I intend to steer the course of the rest of my life; self-flagellation, criticism, and berating are no longer viable motivators. The ‘stick’ method does work, but only up to a point, while also inflicting deep damage. This year, I will practice living a spirit-led Life; to transcend inner judgement, to take great risks, act with genuine enthusiasm, and serenely bask in the results of my endeavors. I wish to love myself so deeply and to prosper in connections which will only strengthen as a result of this attentive care to myself.

In the final weeks of 2013, I met and made an instant connection with a beautiful woman who lives in just such a way. We shared tea and told so many stories which resonated fully with one another. One phrase in particular which she shared has continued to permeate my thoughts, and I’ve wanted to tell my Vibrant One readers. It is this:


As a coach and advocate for creating a Healthy & Beautiful Life, one of the ways I have regularly beaten myself up, is to hate moments of weakness and illness which arise. My self-berating tendencies have sought to make me a perfect example of health. It’s a black & white scenario which, while I intellectually understand is not possible or even a very healthy model, has been a deeply engrained pattern. This new friend’s intent to “embody well-being… no matter what” as she put it, struck me so fully, because she faces serious health challenges and difficult pain every day. Yet, her mental and spiritual fortitude looks so different than I imagined it would. I observed in her face a strength that was not so determined or implacable; as it was gentle, reflective, and deeply loving. THIS, I saw, is the face of deep self-love, and exactly the model I have been searching for.

In 2014 I will continue to seek physical strength and flexibility, optimal nutrition, and self-care in my life, as the value for health is strong in me. My vision for moving toward and beyond age 50 is one where I am physically able to fully participate in a beautiful life. And, my intention is now imbued with embodied well-being, which incorporates healthy and beautiful mental attitude, and spiritual poise.

I’d love to continue this conversation with you. What do you intend for 2014? How might embodied well-being¬†reflect in your life in the days and months ahead?

4 Responses to Mental attitude, spiritual poise, and embodied well-being

  1. Thank you for sharing this wisdom Maddy. As I journey deeply into the second half of my life, reflecting upon where I’ve been, where I am and where I am going, this so resonates with me. As one who has always “gutted it out” no matter what, I am committed to moving in a more gentle, surrendering way this year. Embodying well-being physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually is something I am embracing in 2014 – with ease, grace and balance. Balance being a key element.

    • Wonderful Susan! The ‘gutting it out’ mentality is so deeply ingrained in our culture and the way so many of us were raised – it’s so helpful to come together and choose a different way of being and creating our lives. Thank you for joining me!

    • Renee, what a beautiful letter! I remember when you first wrote this and it is such a lovely reminder… I encourage everyone to read it and to write a love letter to YOUR own body – in the words will be powerful clues as to what embodied well-being means for you. And Renee you have made such a powerful study and inspiring example of this personal work. ‘Going with the flow’ is a wonderful way of BEING. Thank you.

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